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UNSW Materials Science and Engineering Hoardings

Castaway Forecasting Cebit Trade Show

The Power To Model Your Business Future

castaway forecasting trade show pop up
castaway forecasting trade show pop up

Powercore MMA Gym

There's training, then there's

powercore mma, banner, sign, aluminium
powercore mma, banner, sign, aluminium
unsw material sciences hoardings, signage
unsw material sciences hoardings, signage

UNSW was building extension to the Physical Sciences precinct and provide a new home for Materials Science and Engineering and an extension of the facilities for the Mark Wainwright Analytical Centre. The Materials Science and Engineering Project (MSEP) will provide new infrastructure for the University to build on its position as an Australian leader in materials science engineering and research and related physical sciences.

The hoardings objective was to alert students, staff and the public to the proposed changes within the campus structure. Designs had to be informative, simplistic yet dynamic and had to reflect the aspirations and possibilities of an educational leader. The hoardings lifespan would be around 2 years.

"The Power To Model Your Business Future". The subtle reference is that Castaway Forecasting can be used to extend the ‘Visible Horizon’ of the business. Highlighting the clarity that Castaway Forecasting can give to the business owner faced with multiple paths.

The design of these Popup installations was centered around the concept being an "attention grabber". Displaying independence, freedom and confidence. Giving an uncluttered clean graphic that conveys thoughtful direction.

Powercore MMA Gym relocated to a new premises with a new vision, a diverse range of new classes and a stronger community presence. A different community meant rethinking for a new audience. Somethings, like logos were going to stay the same, but announcing an "MMA" gym to an unfamiliar community would be the starting point.

The external signage had to be new but familiar to the traditions of martial arts. Colours are bold and primary and fonts are simple but styled. The introduction of standard imagery that is repeated in other collateral, gives perspective for future elements.